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November 2014

Here are some Pictures of the new Airports LPMA (Madeira) and LPPS (Porto Santo):

March 2014

Here comes another carribean airport: Cibao Airport (MDST) in the Dominican Republic.

June 2013

The slogan of this month is "back to the caribbean". The reason for this is that I started to create to create the airport scenery for Barbados Airport (TBPB). I know there still exists a version of this airport. But I want my own version...In addition I also started with the E T Joshua Airport (TVSV).

May 2013

In the last months I worked on few airports. So I started threeGerman (EDDV, EDDR & EDDG) airport projects and overworked the airport of Punta Cana (MDPC).

Dezember 2012

Malta International Airport

As most as you maybe know I am interesting in creating airports of islands. So I decieded to model the airport of Malta. By the way Malta is an island which is situated South of Sicily and West of Tunis, the capital of Tunisia. The nearest country is Italy. Malta's airport offers two runways: runway 05/23 with 2377m (7,799 ft) and runway 13/31 with 3544m (11,627 ft). At the airport land, except passenger planes, also cargo planes. In addition: the airport has two large hangars of Lufthansa Technik where C-Checks and D-Checks (etc.) take place. Malta's airport recieves flights from mostly the UK, Italy, Germany, Belgium and France.





November 2012

La Palma (GCLA) version 3

GCLA in day&night textures
GCLA in day&night textures

X-mas is coming soon, that means let's go in a warmer region of the world. La Palma is a very pretty island and offers a wonderful airport, the La Palma Airport (GCLA). That airport is an "airport for everyone" because there is a 'difficult' and an 'easy' approach possible. On runway 01 you have a normal landing but on runway 19 you have to be careful because of the terrain.

From La Palma Airport are shorter and longer flights possible. In this November I overworked this airport completely, that means I set the textures to the correct size and modelled some details in addition. As you can see in the picture I added night textures.

a map of the approach possibilities of La Palma Airport.
a map of the approach possibilities of La Palma Airport.

September 2012

the terminal at night and day
the terminal at night and day

I worked on the texture of the airport of Saba ( Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport / TNCS ). I reworked all the textures and added night lights. Of course now the textures all have a size of 2.

Punta Cana & La Romana

The next airport projects are two airports in the Dominican Republic: the airport of Punta Cana (MDPC) & the airport of La Romana (MDLR). By the way those two airport are in the scenery package "w070n10". I find the airports in real and in FG really exotic and a bit peculiar.

The best is that a flight from Punta Cana to La Romana in FG just takes about 10 minutes.

all airport buildings at day and night
all airport buildings at day and night

Punta Cana Airport (MDPC)

The Airport of Punta Cana is situated on the eastern coast of the Dominican Republic and is a very nice place in FG and in real. As you can see is a peculiarity that the roof of the terminal is a thatch. That looks really nice and gives a special atmosphere. The airport receives flights from Europe, Canada, USA etc.

the terminal at day and night
the terminal at day and night

La Romana de Casa de Campo Airport (MDLR)

The airport of La Romana is situated on the southeastern coast, 36.8 miles/59.2 km away from the airport of Punta Cana and it's also a nice place in FG and in real. The runway 11/29 is 2.949 metres long. So there also can land bigger aircrafts. The airport receives flights from Europe, Canada, USA, Cuba and Puerto Rico. By the way there are the most private flights in the country.

Download this airport here.